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your lamb looks upset


your lamb looks upset

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22-year-old police death in custody should not have occurred | The Stringe →


The death of 22-year-old Yamatji woman Julieka Dhu while in police custody earlier this month has led to renewed calls for medical nurses to be stationed at lockups 24/7 and for the implementation of the Custody Notification Service in Western Australia. Ms Dhu was pronounced dead soon after arriving at a health facility after 48 hours in the South Hedland Police lockup. She had been complaining of being ill right throughout her detainment, had been vomiting and there were visible injuries.

The chances of this woman being Aboriginal were very high, and sadly, it turns out that she was Aboriginal. 

I won’t say, “I can’t believe this is happening in Australia!” because this is reality. This is the reality of Blackfellas here. We live in a nation where our lives are not valued, where we are the problem. 

An end must be put to Black deaths in custody. 

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 Can we talk about how Anne Hathaway’s husband Adam Shulman looks a bit like William Shakespeare… who had a wife named Anne Hathaway?

damn the illuminati’s not even trying anymore

I guess you could say that when Anne hath a Will, Anne Hathaway


okay I have to reblog for that pun


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In response to the GoFundMe Campaign for Darren Wilson, people are asking GoFundMe to close the account due to the fact that it incites hate and obviously violates their terms and conditions

The donors and the comments attached to the campaign are sick and simply racist. They asking for the “Killing of N*****s”, “purging the savages” and to support a “fellow White” individual that has the right to murder Black people.

Pass this around. Report the Darren Wilson page as for the violation


I will add their contact info as soon as I find it. 

Contact form is here

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Whiskey Ginger Arm Flab

Scotch Smarts

Tequila Feelings 

whiskey new situations

Diet Coke Failure

Champagne Mental Illness

Beer Belly

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From Elon James White Tuesday night.

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"The reality is that fat people are often supported in hating their bodies, in starving themselves, in engaging in unsafe exercise, and in seeking out weight loss by any means necessary. A thin person who does these things is considered mentally ill. A fat person who does these things is redeemed by them. This is why our culture has no concept of a fat person who also has an eating disorder. If you’re fat, it’s not an eating disorder — it’s a lifestyle change."
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charlotteofoz asked: You mentioned "cock eggs" (tee hee) in reference to the latest Dr. McNinja storyline. What can you tell us about the cockatrice?



Hey, you know, it’s Friday night, I’m stuck in the middle of a storm way out in the boonies, the power keeps flicking on and off, lightning swift death is approaching, so why shouldn’t my possible last act on this earth be a summary of the cockatrice?

If I die, put an Allen and Greenough’s in my hand so hell knows a classicist is coming.

First, what I’m referencing: the new Dr McNinja story starts here, the cockatrice first shows up here, and cock eggs are mentioned (though not by that name) here.

The short version is this: the cockatrice is a monster that is part chicken, part dragon, and that has the ability to turn anyone who looks at it into stone.

It looks like this, depicted fighting its natural enemy, the weasel:

File:Wenceslas Hollar - The basilisk and the weasel.jpg

The long version is I have to tell you about three different monsters.

The first is the ichneumon. Here is a picture of a similar creature called the hydrus (the pinkish one) in the act of killing what I think is actually supposed to be a crocodile:


The ichneumon was a creature like a mongoose or otter, which lived near water and which was the natural enemy of dragons, crocodiles, and asps. It had two different methods of killing such beasts:

1) it would cake itself with mud that it would let dry and harden in the sun, which would become like armor. It would then attack the dragon, going for its throat.

2) as depicted in the above illustration, it waits until the crocodile opens its mouth wide for the trochilus bird to clean out its death, then jumps down the crocodile’s throat and gnaws its way out from its belly (kind of like in the climactic scene of Sharknado).

What does this have to do with a chicken dragon? Well, not much, except that the name ichneumon comes from a Greek word meaning “tracker,” which was translated into the medieval Latin word calcatrix, which became Old French cocatris, which became English cockatrice.

Somewhere along the way, the cockatrice becomes conflated with our second creature, the basilisk.

The basilisk is depicted in a lot of different ways, but here’s a really goofy one from Wikipedia:


The name basilisk comes from the Greek word βασιλίσκος, meaning “little king,” which in Latin is regulus. It is so named because of the little crown on its head, like you can see above.

He was the King of All Snakes and could kill you with a glance or a whiff of his poisonous breath. You might remember the basilisk that lived under the bathroom in Harry Potter. It did not look like that picture.

Its natural enemy is the weasel, who can kill a basilisk with the smell of its urine. A weasel will pee down a basilisk’s den, and the odor will kill both the basilisk and the weasel. This was also not in the Harry Potter movie.

Anyway, thanks to someone translating basilisk as cockatrice in the 14th century, the two creatures are often conflated or confused, to the extent that basilisks are often drawn as chicken beasts rather than a snake with a little hat, like in this baller statue in Munich:

imageBasilisks and cockatrices can both be killed by the crowing of a rooster, and so people legit carried around roosters if they thought they might run into a basilisk or cockatrice.

They can also be killed by the reflection of their own death stare, as depicted in Dr McNinja, and in the story of Schönlaterngasse in Vienna:

imageThe main difference between basilisks is in their birth: the cockatrice is born from a chicken egg hatched by a toad or snake, while the basilisk is born from a snake or toad egg hatched by a rooster.

The bit that seems to be unique to the cockatrice is that they can be born from cock eggs, which are yolkless eggs that were believed to have been laid by roosters. If a rooster laid an egg on your farm, to prevent a cockatrice from being born, you had to throw the egg all the way over the top of your house without hitting the roof.

And there we go. I wrote this whole thing and didn’t even die. Happy Friday.

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"…Slavery was a system of “corrective violence.” Colonialism was a system of “corrective violence.” Apartheid was a system of “corrective violence.” Jim Crow was a system of “corrective violence.” Reservations are a system of “corrective violence.” Deportation and detention centers are “corrective violence.” Correctional violence is violence performed by individuals who are representatives of the state (read white men); it is used to correct the non-state sanctioned violence performed by deviant bodies. The U.S. leads the world in number of prisons in operation and of citizens incarcerated. The U.S. legal, policing, and prison systems—justice systems—are systems of “correctional violence.” Black, Brown and Native men, and oftentimes Black, Brown and Native women are always deemed the deviant bodies in need of policing and correcting…

The history of racial violence in this country necessitates attention. It requires that we connect each gunned down Black man with each—raped woman of color, beaten and harassed Trans person, Muslim person called a terrorist and stripped of their civil rights, and every U.S. deportee. Race is a thing and an issue because it has been made that way by systems of corrective violence."
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